About NORSED Driving School

Norsed Driving School was recently founded by husband and wife team, Ron and Des Stocking.  Both are professional Class 1 drivers, and are passionate about driving!  Any kind of driving!  A quick trip to the store, just a leisurely drive in the country, or driving the country with a tractor trailer.

It has always been their passion to share their knowledge and skills with others - whether they are a brand new driver, or a seasoned driver looking to upgrade their license.  You are sure to get the best results for a future of safe driving.


"I'm a driver, a driver of many things...cars, trucks, big trucks, business, laughter and Ron!


I believe that if you are going to do something, do it right the first time, learn from your mistakes, move on and laugh along the way!  


I might be a bit old school but this school isn't - we've got a web page & facebook!"  


"I've been driving for almost 40 years; over 25 years as a professional driver.  I am passionate about driving; whether in my car or in my truck. 


Over the years I have shared my knowledge and have taught many people to drive, both cars and trucks, including my wife Des (if I can teach her, I can teach anyone!)"  lol